Alpha-H Pore Perfecting Duo

As part of our Alpha-H festivities, the bestselling {Pore Perfecting Duo} is BACK for as long as stocks last... (which won't be very long, so hurry).

Featuring the brilliant {Micro Cleanse} - the nearest thing to microdermabrasion in a tube - this exfoliating formula mimics the resurfacing and brightening benefits of the dermatological treatment, without the expense (or potential side-effects). Used just three mornings a week, this polishing cleanser helps combat enlarged pores, blackheads, oiliness, acne, acne scarring, fine lines, expression lines, dehydration... you name it! It really is key to creating the ultimate flawless canvas.

Its partner in crimes-against-blackheads is the {Balancing and Pore Refining Mask} - Alpha-H's little 'salon secret', this detoxifying treatment stars vitamin A-rich Australian clay to combat congestion and purify pores. "When your pores look so big you could swim in them, you can incorporate this into your routine just once a week" says brand founder Michelle. "Or, try mixing a little with your {Micro Cleanse}, for something a little bit tricksy..." - watch the video below to find out how to maximise the skin-transformative effects of these perfect partners...