Korea's Latest Make Up Craze

Always approximately 5 gazillion beauty steps ahead of the rest of the world, South Korean women have been working the 'lollipop' lip look for æons (yes, æons)! The premise is simple (and adorable), and its youthful appeal is set to infiltrate the 'western' beauty psyche by the time we're due to bare our legs next... April July. Models at Erdem looked like they'd been sucking on strawberry ice pops, with colour concentrated on the centre of their lips, and faded out to next-to-nothing at the lip line. Choose a pink(ish) tint with a slightly glossy finish, then blend out with your fingertips for ombre-lip perfection. The finish is coquettishly feminine, and looks amazing with a subtle flush and elongated eyelash (just don't over-do the mascara - you'll and up looking like a Kewpie Doll).

TONYMOLY's {Petite Bunny Gloss Bars} leave a light, juicy stain long after the 'gloss' has worn off, and Lipstick Queen's {Chinatown} in 'Chase' grants a gorgeous, 'ice pop' red-magenta, that looks beautifully subtle (and a little bit sexy).