"You gotta problem, yo, I'll solve it" - May Lindstrom's {The Problem Solver} is the Vanilla Ice of the skin care world!

I love the ritual of this product - it's so important to take time out of your week to look after yourself, and escape from the ceaseless demands of your mobile phone, laptop... existence! This is a powder mask made with raw cacao, bamboo charcoal, earth clays, frankincense, turmeric and warm spices that puts right the (quite frankly needy) demands of your skin.

When you mix it with water, it puffs up and fizzes slightly (organic chemistry!) to create a melted chocolate consistency that you paint on (with May's {The Facial Treatment Brush}) and leave for forty minutes (you can feel it working as it warms your face and tingles). Use this time (un)wisely, to scare unsuspecting family members (that will teach them NEVER to bother you while in the bathroom), or just lie back in a bubbly tub and steeeeeeeam all your worries away.

Apply just before bed, turn in, and when you wake up... you'll be amazed. I made a beeline for the mirror, prepared to pull my normal 'morning grimace' and... found I didn't have to! This makes your skin so vibrant, stops pimples becoming pustules and unifies your skin tone so you need a lot less make up. "I gots 99 problems but my face ain't one"