Ever luminous Emma knows a thing or two about magic and er... skin care. And when she isn't campaigning for gender equality, correcting fellow wizards on their spell pronunciation ("It's 'Wingardium Levi-oh-saa', not 'Levio-saaaaa'") and speaking eloquently on a spectrum of humanitarian concerns, you might just find her taking time out to indulge her easily-upset complexion with MV Organic Skincare's collection of soothing (and heavenly scented) potions.

"{MV Organic Skincare} is the best range I've found: it smells incredible and it's not packed with hundreds of nasty chemicals. I can't live without it," says Emma, who frequently turns to their gorgeous, all-natural range to help soothe her complexion and keep her skin flawless.

In an interview with beauty bible Into the Gloss, she revealed that she switches up her moisturisers depending on the issues she's attempting to address. "I use the {Rose Plus Booster} a lot and also their {Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturiser}. If my skin is feeling a bit sun-damaged or congested, I like their {9 Oil Cleansing Tonic}" said Emma, who also trusts their {Pure Jojoba Oil} to help correct any imbalance.

Available as a limited edition duo (with a very special price), you can currently secure TWO full size {Pure Jojobas} for the price of one - that's two times the calming, nourishing, elasticising, make up melting, normalising brilliance for just £29!

Don't believe us? Just look to Ms. Watson's immaculate visage. Proof that magic works wonders but 'MV' works better...