Beautyblender Micro Minis

The {Beautyblender} has had TWINS and they are the cah-yoootest little beauty tools we've ever set our eyes upon *squeals*. A little like luminous lime ear plugs, Beautyblender {Micro Minis} are the perfect size for accessing those facial nooks and crannies, and their rounded bottoms snuggle neatly under cheekbones to make contouring a doddle. Use one to sculpt and one to highlight, or use the same polly pocket-worthy sponge to prime, brighten and beautify your eye area (the pointed end is great for reaching inner corners).

With all the flexibility and versatility of the original, these make for effortless application and dispersion of cream and liquid formulations, with minimal absorption so your products stretch further (and you save money). In short, these are completely irresistible, infinitely 'Aaaaaaw'-inducing (and a LOT less stressful than a puppy).

They're also totally Instagram-worthy, so snap them up and photograph the legs out of these itsy bitsy luminaries...