Mud Pack Day

Today is 'Mud Pack' day (of course). Which - apart from giving us a reason to flaunt three of our filthiest skin (and scalp) saviours - is also an excuse for you to spend some time on YOU. So, if you haven't already planned your pre-weekend preening ritual to the minute ('paint nails' and 'sort 'tache' are on my 'to do' list), then block out an hour right now (like, at 8 tomorrow evening when The Bake Off's on). Cakes and face masks laydeez, cakes and face masks...


GLAMGLOW's {YouthMud} has graced more famous faces than we've lusted after (that's a lot). A bit fancy (this mud comes courtesy of Côte d'Azur) the ebony concoction sucks the yuckiness from pores to leave skin looking Queen Bey-worthy (the flawless songstress is a fan).


Look beyond its unimaginative title, for Aestelance's {Mud Mask} is far from the 'Joe Bloggs' of hair care. Scalp-soother meets deep conditioner, this creamy blend of dead sea mud, minerals and herbal essences works to stimulate sluggish follicles, minimise flaking and strengthen your strands from their roots.


Borghese's {Fango Mud} comes in a rainbow of colours to care for all skins. We love the pretty pastel options (totally Insta bathroom shelfie-worthy), but when it comes to sloughing scales and purging pores from 'pate to pied', the murky-looking {Active} option is our go-to. Dark green and ghoulish, this leaches the 'bad' and replenishes 'good' - and is also excellent for frightening unwelcome visitors (have at you Trick-or-Treaters).