Preen SS15 Beauty - Freckles

It seems strange that in a world obsessed with anti-ageing, freckles - outward indications of skin stressed by sun exposure - should be 'trending', but such is the famously freckle fickle beauty industry. Perhaps it's because we live in the land of the Sun Screen King, that something so seemingly carefree seems special? At Preen, make up supremo Val Garland took 'no make up make up' to extremes, by using several shades of lip and eyebrow pens and pencils, to spatter micro freckles over models' cheeks and noses. The perfect foil for foundation, beauty spots help create the illusion of inherent flawlessness, so when its mid-October and the skies are grey (and you daren't set foot outdoors because you don't own a wearable duvet), why not pepper your complexion with a sprinkling of {Brow Wiz} speckles (use Auburn, Caramel and Soft Brown) - then call a cab to pick you up and make a beeline for the airport... What do you think of the freckle trend? Well worth the effort or a make up step too far?