Alexia Inge Skin Care Favourites

"In the mornings, I am very quick with my routine but in the evening I like to indulge in a ritual. I don’t wear loads of make up and haven’t yet settled on a remover I love beyond all else (suggestions in the comments please!) – at the moment, Embryolisse's {Lait-Crème Concentré} is doing a brilliant job with a cotton pad. I am obsessed with South Korea and everything she creates. Mizon's {Egg White Bubble Cleanser} is my latest love. It foams out from the pump like a mousse, but feels like the most sumptuous whipped cream when applied to my face – effortlessly removing the day's dirt whilst leaving my dry skin feeling velvety soft. {Mizon} is seriously good value for money... definitely one to try, if you haven't already. I then do yet another cleanse (I know, so grown up!) with MV Organic Skincare's {Energizing 9-Oil Skin Tonic}, which smells like you're getting a facial from Mother Nature herself – intoxicatingly herbal and aromatic. I take 3 minutes to roll my oiled-up face with Ying Yu's {Jade Facial Roller} and then hot cloth-cleanse it all off – holding the cloth repeatedly over my face, so the steam does the hard work; opening pores and allowing the tonic to deep clean and purify. My night cream is {Cult 51}. I slather it on (sparingly) while my skin is still damp from my cleanse... this helps it stretch that bit farther, so I don’t feel compelled to repurchase as often (this cream is many things, but 'cheap' isn't one of them). It is however, addictive – within just a couple of weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my skin. If I’ve had a tough day, I’ll also do a moisturising face mask. Ling Skincare's {Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask} is awesome whilst soaking in a bath of Therapie's exquisite {Himalayan Detox Salts} – which make me sleep like a teenager on Saturday morning. And if I’m getting ready to go out, I’ll whack on Oskia's {Renaissance Mask} as I race around trying to locate lost shoes or paint toenails. It brings an instant 'bloom' to my end-of-day visage... it’s miraculous!"