Festival Beauty Essentials

With Glastonbury just shy of a week away, festival season is soon to kick off with a vengeance. So alongside your sunglasses, pac-a-mac, wellies and enough dry shampoo to 'clean' a Mammoth (we like this {one}), equip yourself with our edit of beauty essentials, to guarantee you look gorgeous, in spite of not having seen water for days (rain doesn't count!).

We've painstakingly compiled a comprehensive list of must-haves - from Stila's 10-in-1 (does-everything-bar-cook-you-dinner) {Beauty Balm}, to Anastasia Beverly Hills' waterproof {Lash Genius} (it's like a clear umbrella for your lashes); we've got gold leaf skin enhancement, peacock feathers for your fingernails and the most luxurious rinse-free hand wash known to woman (it's far too wonderful to waste on men-folk). So follow the link below, and prepare to exude cool when you identify an icon in the loo queue.