advanced age style

I went to a screening of a lovely documentary last night called Advanced Style. Inspired by the street-style blog, with a difference, of the same name by Ari Seth Cohen. Ari has spent the last few years documenting the styles of the older ladies of New York City and boy are they fabulous! This documentary follows six of his favourite women, who range in age from 65-95, and how their lives have been effected by they new-found style.

This documentary was full of great advice for women of all ages, it was hugely inspiring to hear about their complete lack of self consciousness, "Honey, I ain't got time to worry about things like that!". My favourite lady was 95 year old Ilona Royce Smithkin who started her most recent career aged 83, makes her red false lashes from her own hair and really does live each day like it's her last, "because, well it might just be darlink".

WARNING: Watching this will make your wardrobe feel drab and beige and might inspire a massive shopping trip...

Beauty for older women