In the run up to our favourite Halmark holiday we thought we would celebrate the tougher side to the business of finding one's lobster (obscure Friend's reference), first dates!! Frequently more uncomfortable than being dangled over a pit of petulant piranhas by one's ponytail, there is something about sharing one's dating disasters that is panacea for the soul.

Oskia Rose De Mai CandleMy worst one was... walking along a beach with a guy, a seagull floating near the shore started making a racket when we walked past. I thought it would be amusing to do an impression of it. The seagull didn't. It attacked me & I had to run off wildly flapping my arms until it gave up... pride & arms bruised + no second date.

Moral of the story, leave the animal impressions to Tarzan...

We've asked our lovely Twitter community on @CultBeauty to share their worst dating disasters. We are going to give the best three an Oskia Rose de Mai Massage Candles - a lovely addition to valentines night wink, wink, with a glorious scent. Use the tag #firstdatedisasters and check out the stories here >