The CB referenced on the packaging is not Cult Beauty, but the founder Christopher Brosius, who early in his life worked as a New York City cab driver. The various scent-clouds his fares left behind, both good and [mostly] bad, inspired him to create fragrances that live by a different set of rules - the rebels of the perfume world - a range called CB I Hate Perfume.

Amongst the senses humans possess, our memory of smell is proven to be one of the most reliable, it's a survival thing... rotting food = bad tummy. How many times have you been walking along the street and a waft of Rose transports you right back to watching your Mother get ready at her dressing table?

According to Brosius he created each scent around "Things people can connect with, things they remember." This is why there are perfumes called things like the ecclesiastical 'Revelation', 'In the library' and 'Burning Leaves'. These perfumes pull your memory trigger, while introducing incredibly beautiful scents to your immediate surroundings.

This is the antidote to pop-culture perfume.