It was all about the va-va-volume at this season's Marc by Marc Jacobs show, where models grinned their way down the catwalks rocking big, bouncy, 40s-meets-70s manes.

To maximimise 'oompf', wash and condition your locks with a targeted volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner - Tela's {Volume Shampoo} and {Volume Conditioner} help increase hair density, while the {Boost, Volumising Styling Mist} contains tiny particles that bind themselves to hair's internal structure, for strands that look instantly thicker. Just section towel-dried hair, and mist two - three sprays through each one, concentrating on the roots before blow drying.

Once hair is completely dry - curls won't hold in damp hair - apply a texturising styling product through the lengths, to help achieve the soft, slightly fly-away texture as seen at the show. Sachajuan's {Ocean Mist} is great for giving extra 'jeuj' whilst protecting against heat and enhancing your curls' definition

Using T3's {SinglePass Whirl Professional Styling Wand}, wind varying-sized sections of hair around the barrel, hold for 2 - 3 seconds and release

Tease resulting curls with fingertip and brush through gently - backcombing a little near the roots - to maximise the sexy, bed-head 'fluffiness'. Then throw your head upside down and spray with L'Oreal's {Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray} for full-on, party-girl curls that will last for as long as you do...