Leonor Greyl institut Paris

You're in Paris, it is 37 degrees outside, you've had your fill of fine french food...what to do?

I opted for a visit to the beautifully positioned and exquisitely understated Leonor Greyl Institute. A haven just moments from the busiest corner of Paris, and a mecca for chic Parisian women (yes it was obvious that I was the only Londoner in the salon).

A very friendly, wonderfully coiffed, elderly lady attempted to speak to me, but quickly established that I understood very little. It later transpired this was Leonor herself, who attends the salon every morning for a wash and blow dry. I was caped, and led into a little treatment room. Sylvie, the hair specialist asked if I was scared..not the most auspicious start. I was actually very excited to have my scalp and hair closely attended to.

What came next was an hour of pure bliss: Firstly my hair and scalp were examined with a micro-viewer. Then the brilliant Leonor Greyl Palm Oil was massaged into my scalp and hair for deep hydration and circulation stimulation. Whilst the oil penetrated I had a neck and shoulder massage.

Leonor Greyl institut StaciaThen I fell asleep, but apparently a special mix of oil was blended with natural carrot powder (high in Vit A for cellular stimulation). This nectar was then applied to my hair with a paintbrush, section by section. A nourishing mask added, and I was then placed under a steam helmet (see right) to ensure optimum penetration of the treatment.

After rinsing they conditioned, and then 'suctioned' my scalp with a little fonteuse to increase circulation (perhaps that was the scary part- but I loved it).

Honestly, my hair has never felt or looked so good. This was one of the best treatments I have had, I cannot recommend it enough. I left feeling tress chic (could not resist!) When in Paris, do as I did and take an hour and a half out, for this treat. If you want to recreate this at home you can get their beautiful range here. Stacia Prince

Leonor Greyl Institute located at 15 rue Tronchet 75008 Paris is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM for appointments call: + 33