triple cannes

Jonnie Sapong, CB Expert and Samantha Bark from Le Mis - at Cannes Film Fest

"Creating the look, for each celebrity is a collaboration between myself and that particular artist, to create the right look that matches the mood and the synergy of that moment. Working with the Leonor Greyl collection and especially with Eclat Natural for its nourishing qualities and natural feel. All of the products are made only with natural ingredients, the reason I am able to make hair look healthy, luxurious and glamourous and by working with the Leonor Greyl products, I can easily achieve this."




"The red carpet is a pressure cooker environment. The celebrity has to look right as their image will be beamed all of the world in moments. Cannes is especially a high pressure event. Steeped in history Cannes is one of the big two. Probably only second to the Oscars, Cannes is special."