About 10 years ago Charlie and you went out with each other for about 3 months; before the football, flagrant lack of romanticism and the farting finally decided you on friendship. Not the, "Let's just be friends, yeah" friendship, but a right roaring lifer of a best mate. The problem is despite all jovial encouragement to the contrary, he married someone who can only be described as upwardly socially tense. They are coming for drinks on Boxing Day and it is integral to your friendship that the semiotics of your gift to her radiate thoughtful affection.

Aesop has not only a reputation for serious quality, it comes in some of the chicest packaging in beauty. With their latest Reverence Hand Wash (£27) in her guest bathroom she won't be so much keeping up with the Jonses, as running them over in a horse draw carriage driven by Prince Charles.