This year Emma has been working on many interesting and diverse projects: from her usual red carpet/press junkets - turning the celebs into the Goddesses you know them as (including Jennifer Lawrence & Winona Ryder), she has just started a beauty blog (Emma Day Makeup) and is currently Head of Department of a feature film shot in London starring Tallulah Harlech till mid December. I asked her to name her top three products on the Cult Beauty site at the moment and here's the run down on what she likes and why: 1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express Kit - I was always a bit cynical about eye-brow kits and stencils but since having discovered this one - I am a convert. With time and age my own eyebrows have got a tad depleted and so I love the "petite arch" stencil for filling and defining using the brow powder and the great angled eye-brow brush, then sealing them with the wax. I may have non existent brows but I can fake it with this little beauty. 2. DJV Beautenizer Volume Lash - I'm asked SO frequently about great mascaras. This is one of them. It has little fibres in it which build up your lashes but never makes them look clogged or drag-queen-esque. You get separated and lusciously long lashes. This is an awesome mascara and a great range. 3. Jouer Cosmetics Luminizing Moisture Tint, which also comes in minis - we have all used those bases that look like we are caked in makeup making the skin look aged and unnatural. This is the opposite of this - it delivers fresh glowy skin with just the right amount of coverage so your skin just looks rested and youthful. Also is not a struggle to blend. As I'm getting older I prefer a tinted moisturiser to a full coverage foundation as it instantly takes years off.