Perdita has been a friend since Uni, you used to do the student marches together. You never had the heart to tell her your incentives for participating were less about changing Foreign policy for the Guatemalans, as changing Frederico's hardline policy of 'sticking with his girlfriend'. Perdita is a good egg who practices what she preaches and fights hard for her morals, but as a result never treats herself. You want to buy her something nice, but don't want a long lecture about the wanton wastage of modern society.

Solution: Jade Facial Roller - £25-£43

She wouldn't have a face cream – all that packaging, just for 2 month's usage – but she's starting to get jowls, and the olive oil and flax seed mixture she rustles up herself is not cutting the mustard in the anti-ageing department. This facial roller is made of pure, hand-carved Jade, a cleansing stone used in Chinese medicine for centuries to help the body to expel toxins. It aids lymph drainage eliminating puffiness, plumping out wrinkles and unless you drop it, it lasts for ages. alexia inge