Harriet was always going to be an astute business woman. Aged nine she set up a competitor to the school Tuck Shop, poached their staff and would have driven them out of business before the end of term had the headmaster not opted for 'a merger'...the details of the deal have never fully come to light. Her energy and inquisitiveness is inspiring in it's boundlessness. Her incredible income and Jedi-like state of retail awareness makes gift buying for her an activity fraught with self doubt. If she doesn't have it, she probably doesn't want it. This is where Cult Beauty excels. Belmacz is a high-end Jewellery House that produces mostly one-off pieces, they also have a beautiful make up collection. Try popping a 24ct Gold Leaf Lip Gloss (£23) or a cream eyeshadow (£28) made with pure silver or gold into her stocking and enjoy the real excitement in her eyes as she discovers something glorious.