There has been a rash of new, skin-toned eye pencils on the market recently, which all purport to do the same thing - open and brighten the eye, disguise red-eye from tiredness and make the whole area look younger.

But we couldn't help noticing these rather pricey pretenders aren't half a patch on the original and best for only £14.50: 3 Custom Colour {Clarifying Pencil}.

This clever little product makes you look bright-eyed and younger even on your most tired, hungover jet-lagged, red-eyed days, while the waxy texture works to help it stay put all day long.

Don't believe us? Well Angelina Jolie is a fan (as is former Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross and R'n'B diva Mary J. Blige). And verrry satisfied customers say things like: 'This is my back up for morning-itis, especially if I haven't had any sleep or have been partying on a school night. A quick line of this along my lower lid and I look vaguely normal again...'

Apply the pencil to the inside bottom rim of the eye to widen and brighten - the flesh colour means it's foolproof to apply and works with all skin tones because you put it on the inside of the eye. Plus it's only £14.50!