For over ten years cosmetic dentistry practice The London Smile Clinic has been leading the way with its groundbreaking treatments, exceptional standards of service, state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive aftercare. So when it comes to Top Tips for achieving the perfect smile, who better to provide them than clinic founder Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith? 1. Prevention is better than cure. Instead of waiting for problems to get out of hand, visit your dentist and hygienist every six months 2. Look after your teeth yourself. Brush and floss daily. If you’re not flossing, you’re not cleaning your teeth! 3. Cut down on sugary snacks, citrus fruits and juices and fizzy drinks – even diet ones 4. Get teeth straightened (in teens if possible) 5. It’s never too late to straighten healthy teeth. Nowadays there are many faster, less visible options available for adults such as the Inman Aligner and Incognito 6. Wear a retainer for life! 7. Be aware of night-time tooth grinding habits - wear a night guard to protect your teeth 8. Whiten – but avoid potentially dangerous online or over-the-counter options 9. Treat aesthetic problems conservatively with bonding or minimal preparation veneers 10.  If you need a tooth out, make sure it is done carefully to preserve surrounding bone and have it replaced with an implant