Our favourite eccentric fashion maven has got to be Anna Dello Russo, a woman who is so obsessed with clothes she has an entire apartment to house them. This doyenne of the front row wears catwalk outfits from head to toe, 6-inch heels as a norm and couture to take out the rubbish (do fashionistas take out the bins, and what is the appropriate outfit for that?). So obviously when the time came for her to launch her first fragrance, we waited with baited breath to see how it would turn out. And she hasn’t disappointed us. The bottle is shaped like a golden shoe, the advert sees her twirling and whirling around a baroque apartment in fantastical costumes and the smell is, well, we don’t know what it smells like but we’re sure it’ll be amaze. We adore. Saying that, we’ll never swap our beloved Molecule 01 for any other fragrance, but we do like watching Anna strutting her stuff. Bravo AdR, bravo!