Love Magazine Cover Autumn 2010

                                        This striking cover of the Autumn Love magazine (shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott) has caught the beauty mood that will be carrying us into the winter months. Pick a feature, any feature and go hell for leather to make it stand out, like Alessandra's lips (they even bleached her brows to exaggerate this!). The hair matte, unwashed with an, 'I just had a quickie in the hedge and then hastily smoothed it before anyone saw' look...We are used to seeing Alessandra Ambrosio clothed less, err, warmly on the catwalks of Victoria's Secret, but it is typically au courant of Katie Grand to have picked up on the fact that the V.S. girls are the new Claudia/Linda/Naomi-style Supermodels, appearing all over the Milan and Paris for A/W. Be prepared to see a lot more of these girls (than you already have) in a more high-fashion setting, with fewer feathers... alexia inge