I’ve never had a body wrap before and I am on a pre-birthday ‘diet’ (hmm, yeah that’s not going so well), so when I heard about the chocolate body wrap treatment at the Montcalm Hotel’s spa, I was intrigued – could this be the solution to my candy cravings?

The Montcalm is a chic boutique hotel in central London and their spa is a tranquil space with all the usual spa-y things (jacuzzi, steam room etc) plus treatment rooms which cutely feature two beds for his ‘n’ hers treatments – aw!

The principle behind this particular treatment is that 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into it, and chocolate (particularly dark) is known for its antioxidant and hydrating properties, so instead of scoffing it, why not get smothered in it?

First of all my skin was massaged with a detoxing oil, which was swiftly followed by a bracing scrub (I chose wild rosella sea salt) which tingled quite a bit. And then came the choc: 100% pure cocoa mixed with some paraffin wax to prevent it staining the skin, warm, smelling simply divine, spread all over me! I was then swaddled in towels and distracted from rampant claustrophobia with a relaxing head message, before being unwrapped and left to shower off the sticky choccy goodness. A final slathering of chocolate orange mousse crème and I was left with ridiculously soft skin that smelled good enough to eat – and my desire to cram Cadbury’s into my maw satisfied (for at least 5 minutes.)

The Chocolate Body Wrap treatment at the Montcalm Spa costs £85 for 60 minutes.