Random Beauty Fact

According to research by conducted by the Departments of Epidemiology and Cardiovascular Diseases, University of Alabama and the Children's Nutrition Research Center at the Baylor College of Medicine the traditional English Breakfast with Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Toast and same-such fatty fair is perfectly fine to eat, as long as it is done only at breakfast time (for all you students out there that is 7-9am!!)

The trials showed that mice who munched a big fatty breakfast, smaller lunch and even smaller evening meal, were more likely to loose weight with lower rates of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Apparently the fatty first meal helped metabolise both fats and carbs during the day, while eating the same quantity of fatty foods later in the day lead to weight gain and glucose intolerance. Those Old Wives did get that tale right!

We would not advocate a fry up every day, but it's nice to know some fun stuff hasn't been lost forever in our over-zealous health and image conscious world.