This morning I had a breakfast Q & A session with Dr Nick Lowe. As well as being an expert on both sides of the pond in the fields of dermatology and cosmetic laser therapy, he also has his own skin care range available in boots and is regularly quoted in top beauty publications. Here are some skin care gems from the horses mouth:

*On microdermabrasion, the Dr approached the subject with some caution. He said it was effective especially for hair removal and laser treatment for acne but as a home care product, he warned not to over-use - once every 3 days tops otherwise you risk dry, flaky skin.

* If you suffer from eczema, do not scrub/exfoliate your dry patches. This will badly affect your skin barrier which in turn will take longer to heal. Use an effective night repair cream, day cream and keep a hand cream in your bag. Also, as with dry skin, do not take super hot baths and showers as this will dissolve the protective layer of skin. Avoid soaps and use a gentle cleanser and moisturiser. * Do not use sunscreen on babies under 6 months, except for a possible dollop of zinc oxide on the baby's nose. The little bubs are yet to have formed a protective skin barrier against the chemicals in the creams. Instead wrap them up with hats and clothes. * The Dr was adamant that when going to see a private dermatologist (NHS always have certified and kosher dermatologists) check that they are "SPECIALISED REGISTERED DERMATOLOGISTS BY THE GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL". There are many bogus or underqualified dermatologists out there who do not have the first idea about the complex nature of skin, and the same goes for cosmetic doctors.