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A Journey into Euphoria: The Viral TikTok Trend

Last Updated: 9/03/2022

Whether you tuned into the weekly series with a sofa full of snacks, eyes glaring at the TV screen in awe or pieced together the plot with the help of belly-achingly funny TikTok videos via your For You Page, the Euphoria HBO series has been a major hot topic since its debut in 2019. The season 2 premiere has undoubtedly reignited our love for the show, recapturing our hearts and make up bags with unlimited quotables, gripping storylines and most importantly (to us), their eye-catching looks. 

It’s all in the eyes, chico! Where ethereal, nymph-esque creativity meets mega glam, think: intricate, abstract liners, elaborate shadows, gemstones and pops of colour. From Kat’s gothic-nun costume from Halloween in Season 1 to Maddy’s killer reverse cat-eye {liner} from New Year’s in Season 2, the cast’s iconic make up looks have taken social media by storm. Clearly running in a league of their own with countless recreations, it appears that the Euphoria-inspired make up trend is here to stay. 

Why aren’t you in uniform?! Characterised by fresh-looking {skin}, bold {lips} and captivating eyes that tell a story, creating your own Euphoria glam doesn’t have to be hard as it looks. Granted, Doniella Davy, the lead make up designer for the show has out-of-this-world skills which are second to none but if you’re gagging to showcase your talent to grace the almighty For You Page then here’s what you’ll need:

Maddy is the straight-talking, no-nonsense-having it-Girl that we love (and secretly want to be). To truly channel your inner ‘B—, you better be joking’ double-winged liner, you need to find the finest felt tip nib to create the most precise lines. Et voila… let the bedazzled Euphoria heavens open up to bless you with the ultra-fine Makeup By Mario {Master Mattes Liquid Liner}. Its clever, smudge-proof formula makes for immaculate linework so sharp it can cut off your exes and fake friends. *cough cough*

Fans will know all about that bathroom scene with Cassie and her 500-step body and skin care routine and more specifically, TikTokers will know how it has now become a viral sound. While Cassie’s character arc has arguably been the most spoken about throughout Season 2, her make up looks have also caught our attention here within the Cult Community. 

Donned by iridescent shimmers and pearly gemstones, Cassie’s New Year’s eye make up spoke to her vulnerability to portray her as a quintessential damsel in distress. Create your own prismatic sheer veil of sparkle that sits on your lids and the high points of your cheeks using none other than Makeup By Mario {Master Crystal Reflector}. Luxuriously smooth, this incredibly luminous shadow glides across your lids to catch any and every light for a spellbinding finish. Master this trend in no time at all with this multitasking shimmer to achieve glossy lids, cheeks and décolletage for the ultimate airy-fairy vibe.

Someone who is never too shy to dip her brush in the brightest fuschias or a vibrant chartreuse shadow and dabble in mint green graphic liners, is Jules. Putting Euphoria on the beauty map in Season 1 with colours so bold that the birds-of-paradise may pale in comparison, Jules’ eyes sparked the entire make up movement. Embracing every primary and secondary colour on the wheel, she is the queen of monochromatic lids blended right up to her brow bone.

If Euphoria was an {eyeshadow} palette, it would be Natasha Denona’s  {Triochrome Eyeshadow Palette}. Dive brush-first into 15 mystical shades that’ll adorn your eyes just like they do on Jules. With high-pigment payoff and mesmer-EYES-ing multichrome shadows, let your eyes tell an alluring story deep with an array of purple tones and blue hues. Try spraying an angled brush with your {setting spray}, dip into the shade of your choice and create a one-of-a-kind liner! Now, to answer Maddy’s question — no, we are not joking when it comes to our on-trend glam.

In essence, the secret behind Euphoria-inspired make up is understanding that more is always (and we mean always) more. Extend your winged liner to make it longer, mix those never-to-be-seen-together shades and see what happens, play with pearls and gemstones, draw circles and squares on your lids just because and most importantly — be bold! Exaggerate your beauty into something even more beautiful and you’ve nailed the trend. Ready to give it a go?


Precious Sodimu

Precious Sodimu

Junior Copywriter

Precious Sodimu is a Junior Copywriter at Cult Beauty as well as a self-proclaimed beauty fanatic. Sticking her teeth into all things make up and skin care, Precious is always on the hunt for the best products that work perfectly together. She loves learning about the benefits of new ingredients and formulas and the wonders it could do for her. Like most, if not, all beauty devotees, Precious doesn’t go a day without her trusted SPF 50 and niacinamide serums. Away from the vanity mirror, Precious loves to sit down with a good book (probably by her favourite author, Toni Morrison), or go out and try new cuisine.