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We’ve Found The Best Primer For Liquid Lipstick

From {Mabel + Meg} – the under-the-radar British brand that’s taking Instagram by storm – comes {Lumilixir Serum}: a potent, multi-tasking cocktail of just five ingredients, that works hard for its space in your skin care collection…

Brimming with hyaluronic acid (which attracts and retains up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water), alongside vitamin C, {Lumilixir Serum} combats a multitude of complexion crises – from dehydration to loss of lustre, there’s virtually nothing that this treatment isn’t good for.

When applied to just-damp skin post-cleansing, this ‘holds on’ to much-needed moisture to replenish cellular reservoirs – increasing cells’ turgidity to lessen depth of lines and create a smooth, even base for make up. Featherweight and almost instantly absorbed, this leaves no ‘greasy’ film or trace of residue – perfect as a primer to create a ‘plumped’ and dewy canvas.

Or, if you find that your make up isn’t ‘sitting’ quite a perfectly as usual, a drop or two of this applied on top of your foundation with a {Beautyblender} sponge or buffing brush, will hydrate any dry patches and create a smooth, enviably even finish.

Chronically dry, flaky {lips}? Exfoliate them with a scrub (or toothbrush) to eliminate scales, then apply a few drops of {Lumilixir Serum} and ‘pat’ with fingers to accelerate absorption. The best primer for liquid {lipstick}, this has a subtle ‘volumising’ effect, without leaving a ‘film’ that could impact on the wear-time of your bold, kiss-resistant colour. Think of this as the ‘silk undies’ of your lip-perfecting wardrobe. 

What else… beloved for its brightening benefits, vitamin C both corrects and protects. Great for tackling dark spots or signs of sun damage, while its powerful antioxidant properties deflect the skin-ageing effects of everyday environmental stress. 

Hydrating? Check. Luminising? Check. Plumping? Check. Priming? Check… Wear in lieu of moisturiser if your skin is prone to shine, or layer underneath your favourite day cream to enhance its hydrating prowess. Use under or on top of make up, as a lip or eye treatment, as well as to lessen fine lines and reduce crêpey-ness. 


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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