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Skin Care So Good You’ll Want To Eat It (And You Can)

Supernatural Skin Care

It’s rare to find a beauty product so inviting that you genuinely think it might be wasted on your face… ‘surely, this compote would be better on toast?’ we hear you ponder, and with this supernatural saviour, you’d be forgiven for some ‘jam or gel mask’ hesitation.

One of the first products ever to enter CB’s ‘Hall of Fame’, Aunt Ilcsi’s {Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask} is literally mashed up sour cherries (with a smattering of hydrating and skin-enriching bonus items), that looks and smells like something you should spoon over your morning oatmeal.

This mask is so fresh that’s its made in tiny batches on demand, to guarantee the potency of the skin-soothing and redness-reducing actives. It’s brimming with toning and tightening fructose, revitalising fruit acids and iron-rich blackthorn to promote healing, restore radiance and bring instant relief from irritation.

And if that doesn’t convince you, I leave you with this glowing customer review…

“Firstly, I’d like to say I don’t usually use ‘stuff’ like this but after suffering an allergic reaction that resulted in six hours spent in casualty with a severely swollen face (especially around the eyes), I was discharged but still not fit for public outings.

“Twelve hours and countless anti-histamines later, things weren’t much better so I let myself be persuaded to smear my face with this weird, ‘cherry jam’. For the next fifteen minutes I looked even worse (like someone in a burns unit) however, after removing this my face was infinitely less inflamed and I could face the outside world without a bag over my head. In summary – amazing stuff!”

Store it in your fridge to maximise the soothing benefit (it’s brilliant for de-puffing hungover/post-cry eyes)… just don’t spread it on bread by accident (or do).

Still peckish? Try May Lindstrom’s {Honey Mud Cleansing Silk} – it’s essentially choc-honey spread with some clay for extra system cleansing. We have it on authority that May can’t help but sneak a spoonful when she’s whipping up her skin care haute cuisine…



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Verity Douglas

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