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You’ll Wonder How You Coped Without This Room Spray

1001 Remedies PurAir Air Purifying Spray Review

Admittedly a funny thing to fall in love with, believe us when we say this room spray is INSANE. Since a bottle arrived at CB Towers several moons ago, it was known as the ‘magical, mystical, fragrance of unbridled joy and wonder’ (‘fancy freshener’, for short), and we would plead with its custodian (Alexia), to treat us to a spritz post intense meeting/carb-loaded lunch/anytime we felt our spirits dipping and our focus waning.

Ultra-fresh and peppermint-y in a way that isn’t minty minty, 1001 Remedies’ {PurAir Air Purifying Spray} is instantly uplifting and invigorating – dispelling bad smells and bad karma with one, perfectly perfumed cloud.

What’s more, it detoxifies the atmosphere – banishing pollutants and helping to keep germs, and office lurgies at arm’s length.

We’re all besotted, but none more so than our designer Dimi, who’s a self-confessed ‘organic fanatic’; “I am absolutely IN LOVE with this spray! Not only does it make your space smell other-worldly, but it’s also 100% natural. I was hunting for an air spray that was free from chemicals and synthetic fragrances for aaaaaaaaaaages, and I could scarcely contain my excitement upon spotting {1001 Remedies} on Cult Beauty’s imminent launch schedule. I use this daily and am snapping up a {mini} for my handbag – to disinfect my headspace on my travels.”

If unicorns were real (which, P.S. they unequivocally ARE), this is what they’d smell like.




Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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