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How To: Contour Your Eyebrows

We’ve called upon the perfect brows (and talents!) of our digital designer Dimi yet again – this time, to show you how to define and outline your eyebrows using {Anastasia Beverly HillsBrow Wiz}, {DipBrow Pomade} and ALL NEW Pro Series {Concealer}.

First, Dimi used {DipBrow Pomade} in shade ‘Ebony’, to add depth to the centre of her eyebrows – extending the pigment out towards the tail end using {Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush #12}.

She then used the ultra-fine tipped {Brow Wiz} in ‘Dark Brown’ – one shade lighter than ‘Ebony’ – to define the shape and add dimension. Using two tones prevents brows looking too flat and unnatural – this is the ‘contouring’ bit. Dimi outlined the top and bottom of each eyebrow using soft, feathery strokes – then blended into the deeper shade from the inside edges using fine, hair-like strokes to achieve a slight ‘ombre’ effect.

With Anastasia’s {Concealer Brush} and {Concealer} in shade ‘0.75’ – slightly lighter than her skin tone – she painted a ‘mask’ around each eyebrow, before blending, blending… and blending again to achieve an airbrushed finish. This really defines the arches for a pristine, photo-ready finish.

Are you too an eyebrow (and {Anastasia Beverly Hills}) obsessive? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

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