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In the Spotlight: Resultime by Collin


Resultime by Collin - Vectorised Micro-Collagen

One of our most-favourite Gallic exports (joint first with saucisson and brie) is {Resultime by Collin’s} age-defying skin care; a phenomenal (and still quite secret) range infused with micro-collagen, to fortify skin’s fabric and encourage sluggish cells to pull their finger out (like your sports coach, barking orders while she does one-handed press ups).

Collagen is effectively skin’s scaffolding – responsible for maintaining strength, firmness and elasticity. As we grow older, collagen synthesis slows (sad face) and existing strands are more susceptible to breakage – which is why fine lines develop, and skin can start to sag. Collagen is therefore vital for maintaining your skin’s youthful ‘stretch’ and density – which is where {Resultime by Collin} comes into its own…

Starring patented ‘vectorised micro-collagen’ – tiny collagen fragments, sufficiently small to penetrate the dermis, and travel down, down, down to skin’s ‘engine room’. ‘Vectorised’ sounds a lot like one of those marketing buzzwords that doesn’t mean anything, but what Collin’s very clever French scientists have succeeded in doing, is engineering these collagen ‘bits’ so that they travel via a ‘vector’ – which means they move in a specified direction to an end point (in this case, skin’s basal layer).

Here, not only does the collagen supplement existing collagen, but also triggers cells to manufacture (up to 49%!) more of their own – which results in a gradual (but noticeable) improvement in skin smoothness, ‘quality’ and resilience. The other bonus side-effect, is an increase in hyaluronic acid (more on that {here}) – a hydrophilic molecule, responsible for regulating skin’s hydration levels and in turn, optimising its plumpness.

The must-have product is {Regenerating Collagen Gel} – a soothing, refreshing jelly-esque treatment, that has instant (as well as cumulative) effect – lifting, de-creasing and glow-bestowing. And for those with sufficient wisdom to have graduated to the 50+ category, {Re-Densifying Cream} is the ultimate follow-up (read more on that {here}).

If crows feet are your nemesis, the brands two targeted treatments for eyes; new {Eye Perfector Serum} and {5 Expertise Eye Cream} make light work of plumping, de-puffing, soothing and brightening, and if you’re susceptible to sensitivity, the cool green {Calming Cream} works to reduce reactivity; reducing redness, soothing inflammation and counteracting any signs of stress or irritation.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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