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September Favourites

Cult Beauty Monthly Favourites

Summer is so ovah − but that’s okay, because it means I get to legitimately sing my favourite seasonal song: “Autumn days when the grass is je-well-ed” (“and the silk inside a chestnut shell”). It also means I get to wear sweaters, and re-watch Harry Potter films (because you can only watch Harry Potter when its dark outside, obvs). I know, I know. I’m very cool.

While inside watching Harry Potter indulging in innumerable cool activities, my current skin care obsession is REN’s new(ish) {Flash Rinse} – which fills me with Freddy Mercury feelings. It’s a turquoise gritty paste that smells of oranges, but brightens skin up beautifully. “FLASH! A-aaaaaaaaaaa.” *ahem*

My hands are not big fans of change and I look forward to the time when I can shove them in protective gauntlets. However, its still a tad too early to wear gloves without people making unkind assumptions about my sanity, so I am stealthily protecting them instead. My love for Aesop knows no bounds, and their {Reverence Hand Balm} is the more ‘acquired’ cousin of the Resurrection range. It has an earthy, herbal smell that I go mad for, and the lactic acid content helps to leave skin smooth and supple.

And since Valérie stopped by to talk us through Odacité – and convince me that I needed every single one (because who wouldn’t want to be an ‘at home alchemist’??!? – dons lab coat) – I curbed my enthusiasm (was curbed by my hideously inflexible bank balance) and opted for {Radiance Effect Booster}. The little violet vial looks fancy, and its lemon-y scented contents make my face look luminous.

Cult Beauty Monthly Favourites

I’ve been having a love-in with Jouer’s {Matte Moisture Tint} – which seems ironic given my current crush on glow-bestowers, but when mixed with a drop of oil or serum, this is the perfect skin enhancer. Just enough coverage to neutralise my redness, and sufficiently weightless to look like real skin (but better).

Sachajuan’s {Intensive Hair Oil} combines the re-hair-bilitative properties of oil, with the mane-taming prowess of a serum, to coax my willful tresses into being (slightly) less unruly. No mean feat, considering my hair is Gorgon-esque in its bad attitude towards restraint…

And because I love, love, love a lipstick – to distract people from staring at the ‘third eye’ I acquired in my sleep – 3 Custom Color’s {Copacabana} is a zingy, peachy-pink with micro-flecks of gold, to make my mouth the most obvious bit of my face (and in turn, give my ego a much-needed boost).


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Verity Douglas

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