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Protect Your Holiday Hair with Phyto

Protect your holiday hair with Phyto

Although sunscreen for skin is now (hopefully) second nature, I bet very few of you remember to care for your hair when on holiday (or exposed to the blistering British summertime sunshine – oh wait…) However, just as UV causes lasting damage to skin cells, it also compromises the keratin fibres within your precious strands – contributing to dryness, brittleness and split ends – especially if your hair is bleached or highlighted. And it isn’t just sun that wreaks havoc (oh no), sea, sand and chlorine all contribute to the dreaded post-holiday scarecrow barnet; that’s right ladies – although beach waves look bangin’ at the beach, the sorry straw-like aftermath is not so hot.

The sun can also affect your hair’s colour – brunette hair can acquire a reddish hue, while blonde locks take on that brassy, yellow tone (more Katie Price than Kate Hudson). Your scalp is vulnerable too – and short of wearing a hat at all times (the glamour!) – remembering to protect your parting can prove bothersome (but not as bothersome as a sunburned head).

{Phyto} – the world’s first all-natural hair care brand – take the business of holiday mane-tenance (see what I did there? *smug*) incredibly seriously. Their {Phytoplage} franchise has been painstakingly developed to help prevent tress distress whilst ‘en vacances’ – with conditioning oils and lightweight UV filters that work to repair and protect simultaneously. Their {Original Protective Sun Oil} – which will soon be celebrating its 40th birthday – is a holiday beach bag prerequisite. Specifically for ultra-thirsty, weakened hair (try the lighter {Sun Veil} if your hair is short or fine), the specialist blend of botanical oils and extracts combine to isolate the cuticle from direct sun assault, whilst warding against attack from environmental aggressors. Olive wax, castor oil, calendula and rosemary then work their rehabilitative magic from the inside out – strengthening, hydrating and softening strands, so your locks look (and feel!) über glossy. Just spritz and comb through just-washed (post-swim) hair, for agony-free detangling and a sexy, wet look finish (think every summer beauty-shoot you’ve ever scene, swoon).

And it’s not just protection that’s important – post sun treatments, like Phyto’s {Aftersun Recovery Mask} (which locks in precious moisture whilst repairing and restructuring the most fragile hair types), and {Aftersun Recovery Oil} (which helps ‘un-do’ the day’s damage whilst granting locks (and limbs!) a seductively subtle gleam) are suitcase essentials. It’s second nature to slather ourselves in skin-nourishing lotions and potions post-sun worship, so don’t neglect your mane; ‘feed’ scorched strands with Phyto’s nutritive, botanical ingredients, to ensure your locks stay looking their beautiful, lustrous best. Now, haste thee to la plage!



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Verity Douglas

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