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Christmas Gift Ideas – The Metrosexual

Gabriel is a serial shagger and always looks immaculate. You have learned never to think you recognise the girl he brings to drinks because you have got it wrong in the past and this did NOT go down well. He is, however, exceedingly generous, charming and witty and always looks after his friends – definitely on the 4am “You’ve got one phone call” list of people you can contact! No matter how law abiding you are this is extremely key for a girl about town.

A tweezer/hand grooming set from Rubis (£66-£92) will appeal to his sense of style, without challenging his masculinity. Rubis made their name crafting precision tools exclusively for the Swiss watch industry. They are used to make watches by Patek Philippe, Cartier and Rolex where only the most precise tweezers of highest quality can be used. They also make grooming tweezers and their signature twisted handle nail clippers in the same factory; immaculate is the only word to describe them.

Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

Content Editor

Verity is our Content Editor and a Cult Beauty veteran. Currently on maternity leave, raising Cult Beauty’s honorary ‘word nerd’, Tabitha, she speaks fluent ‘beauty’ and loves nothing more than the marriage of language and lip balm (and cleanser and candles… ad infinitum). Nothing can stop her from quoting Nancy Mitford, treating herself to yet another Bella Freud candle for her desk or buying that pilgrim-esque collared or heavily fringed outfit she’s been eyeing. You can trust her to debunk widespread beauty myths and dispense invaluable advice with ease…