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Fighting Breast Cancer

logoFor the Month of October Cult Beauty has partnered up with the charity Against Breast Cancer to bring some more awareness to what they are doing to help women battle this horrible illness and hopefully divert some funds their way.

Against Breast Cancer is a research-based charity that funds the Breast Cancer Research Group at the Department for Women’s Health at University College London. Their work is most focused on survival after diagnosis through studying a combination of biochemistry, immunology and (something I feel is extremely key to fighting this scourge) diet and lifestyle. Their ultimate aim is to find a vaccine against breast cancer.

Here is some important advice from the charity because, rather like doing your taxes, catching problems early always makes for a better prognosis:

breast-cancer“Breast cancers produce few warning signs and hardly ever cause pain. There may sometimes be a vague discomfort, but commonly the first thing people notice is an abnormal lump in their breast. Nevertheless, there are other possible signs, and everyone should know the ‘breast aware’ 5 point plan and look for the warning signs. They are:

1. A change in the outline, shape or size of the breast

2. A new isolated lump

3. Any difference between the ‘lumpiness’ in the two breasts found early in the menstrual cycle and still there at the end of the cycle

4. Skin dimpling that changes the appearance of the surface of the breast

5. In-drawing of the nipple, or alteration in its direction

Other things to look out for may include:

Discharge from the nipple for no apparent reason, bleeding from the nipple, distortion of the area around the nipple (areola), an ‘orange-skin’ appearance of the breast skin (not the colour, but the little dimples, alteration in the position or ‘hang’ of the breast compared to the other breast and rubbery, firm, easily felt lumps or glands (lymph nodes) in the armpit.”

Many doctors recommend, and we strongly encourage, performing a self-exam (BSE) each month.

The American Cancer Society advises “Women who choose to do BSE should have their BSE technique reviewed during their physical exam by a health professional. It is okay for women to choose not to do BSE or not to do it on a regular schedule. However, by doing the exam regularly, you get to know how your breasts normally look and feel and you can more readily detect any signs or symptoms if a change occurs, such as development of a lump or swelling, skin irritation or dimpling, nipple pain or retraction (turning inward), redness or scaliness of the nipple or breast skin, or a discharge other than breast milk.”

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynocologists (ACOG) states “If breast cancer is found early, most women can be treated with success. That is why routine breast self-exams, mammography, and checkups by your doctor are vital.Read the FREE ACOG BSE guide here.

Cult Beauty has purchased Against Breast Cancer Wristbands and will be adding one to every order for you to wear if you would like to show your support for this cause. If you would like to donate further please click here.

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Verity Douglas

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