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Anti-ageing Acupressure Facial

white-space-for-blog21facialIf someone offered to take 5 years off your face without the use of surgery, chemicals, injections or any effort on your part, other than turning up to be pampered for an hour, what would you say?

…Me too… which is why I toddled along to Portland Place in central London to see acupuncture specialist Ross Barr.

Ross does not just focus on the face – he looks at the functions of your body as a whole – because a lot of the facial signs of ageing are caused by sluggish, inefficient organs. For example, if your kidneys are not working properly you will get dark circles under your eyes.

Apparently my liver needed relaxing so Ross added a couple of needles to my feet to harmonise it with my Stomach, promoting blood flow around the body. He then set to work on my face and neck. The facial consisted of:

15 Minutes of Seitai Acupressure on the shoulders neck & face to energise the area, increase blood flow and relax you.

15 Minutes of Chinese Guasha fine wrinkle treatment using Jade tools, which are moved quickly and lightly over all the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, literally erasing them.tiger-warmer

20 Minutes of warming specific acupuncture points on the head, face & neck using a Japanese Tiger Warmer (filled with smoking Scented Moxa which warms the rounded point making it a most relaxing tool to use on facial points, see image on left).

10 minutes of Seitai point massage on the arms, hands & feet, which basically transports you to a world of marshmallow and bunnies…

When I checked the mirror it looked like I had had botox on my forehead, no wrinkles AT ALL, for a 32 year old that is not bad going! The rest of my face looked plumped and rosy and the effects lasted for 2 weeks. This would be a great treat to have just before a big event like a wedding or a party you know your ex will be at!

I would avoid working heavy machinery or doing intricate maths for at least an hour after this treatment as it takes a while for the marshmallow effect to wear off.

The Anti-ageing Acupressure Facial costs £68, for more information go to

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